At Grace Evangelical Covenant Church, we are committed to Christ-centered fellowship focused on:

Pervasive Prayer
We desire to show our trust in and dependence on God by praying at all levels of our life. Individually, congregationally, and in small groups. Prayer is threaded through every aspect of the churches life: Prayer chains, Schools of prayer, prayer meetings, devotional prayer, business meetings, and at social events.

Truly Celebrative Worship
Our worship is in response to God's wondrous grace in Jesus Christ. We desire our worship to be: Joyful, Biblically Faithful, Life changing.

Discipleship for all ages
We are growing together in Christ together through the expression of love for one another by our actions and our deeds. We attempt to use the talents God has given us. The Bible is our training guide. From Infant to Adult, we desire to encourage and promote lifelong growth in God's grace.

Caring connections
In an environment of grace, we desire to encourage and promote the development of lasting, caring relationships. These relationships are facilitated through Christ centered fellowship such as: Lifelink Covenant groups (home Bible studies), Youth Groups and activities, Sunday coffee hour, Women's Ministries, Men's ministries, social events, monthly luncheons, retreats and sports teams.

Intentional Outreach
Having been touched by God's grace, we desire to see others experience His grace in Christ. Our outreach includes local evangelism efforts and global mission support.

Grace Covenant Church adheres to the basic principles of the Protestant Reformation regarding the Holy Bible as the Word of God as the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. It also values the historic confessions of the Christian church, particularly the Apostles' Creed. The doctrine of justification by personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is of paramount importance. Baptism and the Lord's Supper are divinely ordained sacraments of the church. Consistent with its affirmation of classical Christianity and its own historical experience, Grace Covenant Church affirms as central to its life and thought a number of evangelical emphases. Foremost among these are the following: The centrality of the Word of God. The necessity of the new birth. The church as a fellowship of believers. A conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit. The reality of freedom in Christ.